Monday, March 30, 2009

"Work" Trip

thank goodness the sun came out...We had resorted to playing in the tub for entertainment one day

G had a work trip at the beach and the fam was allowed to go! I always like a trip after my baby is reminds me I can still do fun things and travel :) No way endless thunderstoms, cold and flooding could keep us from having fun....we hit the outlets, ate good seafood and even got a few pics in the 2 hours of sun.
The conference was in Sandestin and we had a SUPER condo there. 1 bedroom plus a little bunk room fit us perfectly, on the beach, beach toys provided, comfy beds and super cute decor. You should totally look into it. I can't get the link to work so you'll have to just copy and paste. It's great and we will definitely rent it again! Check it out if you need a place.
We were in unit 4301.


Mom needed some more sleep...we tried CC on some formula. Well, I'm pretty sure she has some kind of sensitvity from it. Poor little thing has super bad baby acne or developed little rash.
So no more formula for bit until we figure out whats up. You can see a little bit of the rash in the picture above.

I have 2 sweet little girls..I can hardly believe it yet!! Transition with 2 little ones has been good, although I still have so much to figure out. Biggest thing so far...I miss my time with just AH...She was my little buddy, my little partner in alot of daily activities. Now there's another one. Big sister has handled things quite well...her mommy is still trying to figure out how to make it all work. I guess I'm just getting TWO special buddies :)


G's birthday gift from AH and myself was the $$ to set up his boat for Crappie fishing AND the free time away from us to learn how to do it correctly. He's been fishing like crazy and loves the new set up. He hasn't taken all of us girls yet...but he promises it will be more exciting than the other fishing outings we've been on. :)
Here's a hybrid bass he caught the other day...He was VERY excited!


i'm pretty sure i should be worried.... i bet we're in for wild teenage years

Sunday, March 15, 2009

going to the "radio"

We dropped CC off with grandparents and had a fun time with AH at the rodeo. She prefers to call it "the radio". G was in a super good mood...he purchased a light sword, a pink princess cowgirl hat and yummy overpriced snacks for all.

trip to Bham

Here are some pictures of a quick Bham trip to introduce grandparents to little one and celebrate birthdays.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow Pictures

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Friends and First Bathtime

Anne Emory and CC
Here is one of CC first friends. My sweet friend, Caroline had a baby girl a few weeks before me. Caroline and I were in each others weddings and I hope our girls will be great friends and enjoy growing up together.

"Finally, her cord came off, and she can have a bath with me" would have been told those words if we ran into you anywhere this day. All the Wal-mart strangers were happy to know the news Big Sister told them..HA! Not joking...Seriously, if you walk by and don't acknowledge our most precious little one, AH will be sure and catch your attention and tell you to look at her baby sister. She'll also tell you little ones name and what she has done that day.
(and usually if AH herself has been to the restroom that day she'll tell you that too...detailing if it was yellow or brown...i know...WAY to TMI)

Big Sister was so excited about helping with the bath. She even "helped" by unplugging the baby bathtub while we weren't we also made a waterfall in the bathroom.
I have many more stories of how AH has been "helping". It's just been too crazy for me to sit and write it all down. I'm about tired of all her "help".