Thursday, June 25, 2009


Oh where to begin, this precious little one thinks shes 16 already..there are SO MANY STORIES
(no time to write them right now...but soon, I promise)
She's a great big sister and is thrilled to be home with all her toys. She filled out a little questionnaire and told her teacher that her favorite place to eat was AT HOME. AnnieBoo has lots of new dance moves that need to get on video. If you missed single ladies, your totally missing out :) She even has her own playlist on my ipod.
height 38 5/8 . weight 31 .


I could kiss on this sweet little thing all day long! She LOVES life already and we are all so in love with her! She definitely has more "preferences" than her big sister. She seems to HATE rice cereal and we're still dealing with the whole milk thing. She makes gagging noises and laughs at cereal or when her bottle isn't the correct temp! No teeth yet, but if drool is ANY indicator...they're quickly on their way :)
26 3/4 long. 16 pounds. head 42

Saturday, June 20, 2009

picture update

our best family pic

playing in the boxes...whoo hoo...NO MORE BOXES!

sister love

we get this serious/confused look alot.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Symphony in the Dark

I keep thinking I'm "over" being sad about the little ones of mine who are in heaven now. We had a rough week as I realized my baby catherine is not so much in the itty bitty baby stage anymore... and she's NOT the little one I lost. I really DID have a baby I never got to hold and kiss and I'm really not over it fully yet. I hated going through every part of it, but I get calls almost everyday of someone just wanting to talk to someone who understands and has walked that path. It's a little ministry that I would have never really chosen, but am so thankful God can use me to help others going through a hard time.
Here's another book I haven't read yet, but I know it will be awesome. "A Symphony in the Dark" I've been following her sweet story of Molly for awhile and am so excited she was able to get her story on paper. She was so very open and real about what she is going through AND it SO pointed me to Christ every time I read about her struggle. She was saying aloud what my heart was trying to communicate to others. Her words are SO MUCH better than mine but I could feel everything she was going through. She understood me, and I wasn't crazy and alone with what I was feeling. It's wild how you can bond with someone you never even met because of your circumstances. (that kinda sounds like I know her or have even talked to her...I haven' sounds a little stalker I know... I promise I'm not totally going nuts on ya'll. I am half way normal..I might not know her, but I'm pretty sure our little ones are friends in heaven :)

It REALLY helps to have someone to talk with while your processing...I totally understand that. I'm pretty sure this book would be super to give to a friend who is dealing with loss. Don't forget "Empty Arms" is a great resource too!
Here' s the link...
Read more about A Symphony in the Dark.