Sunday, February 15, 2009

need pictures??

My sweet friends have officially started their photography business! They've taken MANY incredibly special pictures of my family through the last few years. Above are 2 pictures from when they came to see Baby Catherine. They've only shown me these 2 and the 1 in the last blog and I'm SO EXCITED to see the rest!
Birmingham area... Family owned and operated... great prices...Go check out their website and give them a call TODAY!
They are so sweet and their work is fabulous!

Life is good!

This is what Big Sister had on majority of the time she came to the hospital. The nurses just cracked up at her most of the time. They called AH "the princess" and Catherine became known as "Lady Catherine" since her sister was a princess. We wondered what nicknames would stick for Catherine...Baby KK, C. C., but for sure we've adopted "Lady" and "Ladybug".

Align CenterThought I'd give a quick update and post some pictures! I don't have too many different ones than in my picassa web album. We've really had a great 2 weeks relaxing and getting used to our new little one! For me, It's been such a crazy road to HAVE this baby...I'm just now REALLY ENJOYING HER! My mom stayed with us for about a week then she took AnnieBoo home with her for another week so we could have time with just Catherine. She has been a pretty easy baby so far. We are so thankful she is eating and sleeping great :)
G's work schdule has changed a bit and we've gotten some fun extra time together as well.

I've spent time reading magazines and catching up on TV. AND I'm getting really good at ebay. I went through all of AnnieBoo's old clothes and have tried to find the matching other set for the girls to wear. I'm sure they can't be matchy matchy for very long so I'm taking advantage of as many deals I can find. I'm having great luck too! Why did I not think of ebay earlier!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Family of 4!!

YEAH! Everything went smoothly and we are SO EXCITED to welcome our new little one!
I have an online album set up but its password/link protected. Please use the link on Facebook or you can leave me your email address here if you would like to see the album.
More fun details of everything later...