Monday, March 31, 2008

Cupcakes and Cocktails

We really miss our friends from home! This was a fun party anyways and was even better b/c we caught up with so many of our friends. I thought cupcakes and cocktails was clever...i'm sure i'll steal that idea sometime.

"Hee Haa, I'm a cowgirl! But I NO like ponies"

We hear those words and see the black cowgirl hat alot these days. AH went to a friends birthday a few weeks was a pony party. We no like ponies,but we loved dressing up like a cowgirl. I went to get her a hat and guns to finish her outfit and they were pretty upset when I asked where the cowboy guns were at Toys, R Us. "We don't carry guns of any kind here" in a really mean, ugly voice. Whats up with that...??

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fun New Look

If your using your google reader, be sure and check out the real page. Keri just completed a new blog header for me and I totally LOVE it. You all should totally swamp her with work and go get a new header :) Tell her I sent you, maybe she'll give me a free one sometime! :)
Actually, I'm still waiting on some of you to start blogs...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Trimp

G's sister, Meredith had her little boy! We were practicing his name, Trenton-They call him Trent. Well, AH has a little trouble with was "shrimp" for awhile..but now and forever I think he'll be called "Baby Trimp"! It's pretty cute when she says it too!
Here's a LINK to Mere's pictures.

Coming Soon...

I'm WAY behind on blogging stuff. We've been busy and away from internet access alot so I have much to report...more coming soon, i promise!
. Meredith's baby is here (pics and hopefully i'll learn how to link to their page)
. Oliver and Pam's baby doing great
. Easter (lots of pics)
. Day Trips
. new blog design (its totally cute)
. AH updates (biting, big girl bed, TT)
. birthdays
. new haircut and new clothes (i finally got some fancy jeans)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

More Biting...

AH bit a friend this weekend....I think we're gonna hear "Doesn't play well with others" many times in teacher conferences! We're so sorry Baby O for AH biting you! Thanks for still being friends with us Trolards...we love ya'll!
Now, we've given you all a stomach bug and bitten you! WOW, not good!!

I think we need practice playing nicely with others.....I need to try and find us some more playdates here in town...hope they don't read this blog and give us a chance :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

More Biting

We've been moving this past weekend. The house looks awesome...we're SO EXCITED!
I'll post pictures later maybe.

G picked AH up from school while mom and I ran to Home Depot...again!

YIKES... my kid bit 2 times today before lunch!
Dang it, I thought we were finished with that! Better go read some books or something!
I guess i'll have to keep you posted on the issue and I'd love advice if you know of anything to try.

**** UPDATE****
Okay, some of you have emailed for more specifics! We've never seen her bite; she only likes to bite at school. (She really isn't aggressive as we and her teachers have observed-doesn't hit or pull toys yet) Her teachers tell me sometimes she's biting out of frustration. For example, she bit this little boy who tried to hug her. She told him "no thank you" and he hugged her again, So she bit him on the finger. Sometimes she just bites for the heck of it. Teacher saw her walk across the room to this little boy, pick up his hand and bit his finger! The last bite was because someone was pointing at her, so she bit his finger. They've all been boys- they've all been bitten on the finger!
Teachers make her apologize and she goes into time out! When we pick her up...if she has bitten she gets the spank spoon and can't play her Elmo computer game. We tried the bite thing too!