Sunday, December 30, 2007

a few christmas pics

We didn't do a great job of taking lots of pictures, but here are some of our celebration with G's family.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

I couldn't decide which one I liked i 'm posting them both :)
Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


It seems like we've been celebrating birthday the whole month.
Today we played at Monkey Joe's (which is an indoor playground) to celebrate!
AnnieBoo also got her new kitchen. Both were a huge success!
Happy 2nd Birthday AnnieBoo!

We also are celebrating our 4th anniversary! I can't do any sweet notes now like most of my friends do on their blogs... We still celebrate, but hope to do something super fun when we celebrate in the summer. Its odd to have your child and have an anniversary on the same day! Not recommended if you can help it :) But I'm so thankful for both!!

Callaway and Holiday Baking!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

YEAH! No Biting!

YEAH, picked little one up...No vampire tendencies today! We were really nervous and were SO hoping we didn't have to deal with that again. Now, if we can just make it through the "happy birthday Jesus party" without any tears...
I'm sure this wont be my last post on this issue, but maybe no more until at least the new year!

I've gotten some great advice and funny stories through email...thanks guys!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I love this painting....I've wanted one of Gina Hurry's angels for a long time. We had some extra cash so we decided to buy this angel to remind us of our little one we lost recently. (its not this exact painting..but its similar) The baby made an imprint on our lives even though we never got to hold or meet the little one. It's amazing how God has used that experience in our lives and in the lives of others. There are several friends that were going through exactly what I was going through. Its strengthened a bond with many.

Our family went through alot last month. My brother, Oliver and sister-in-law lost their little baby just about 4 days after we found out about our loss. They are telling everyone now, so I guess I can share...she was about 6 weeks pregnant. We've all gotten a lot closer through this time! Our little angels are playing together in cool is that!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bite #2

Okay, parental crisis mode! Obviously, AH's school has made a mistake AGAIN...I'm sure they just didn't like the Christmas gift we gave them, or were having a bad day...

Just Kidding, I promise...

BUT, the teacher did meet me outside when i arrived...SHE BIT AGAIN! What the heck, I go from an easy going, sleeping great, eating great, yes mam', excuse me child, to a BITER! Thank goodness it wasn't the same little boy (he was absent...eek)
Seriously, we have an occasional problem, but nothing major...but to me, this could be a problem.
She was warned and knew the consequences...we had a little meeting with Spankin Spoon. :)
We're not freaking out yet,(i'm laughing a little as i write this) but its such odd behavior at this point...doesn't match any type of behavior her teachers or us have seen before.

Poor little thing...little does she know her mommy was/is one of the most strong-willed people she knows. That means she can't get away with biting...
Well, thats the latest thing...i'll keep you posted!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Time Out!!

When I picked little one up from school, I heard some bad news! AH bit a little boy today....yikes!
The teacher said, he kept trying to hug her and play with her, so she just bit him. They had a long talk and she seemed to understand and she had to serve her first time in the "time out chair". I felt sooo bad for the other little kid, but they say you can't even tell she did it. AND, I can't believe I have THAT kid who bites other kids! I asked her about it on the way home and she said..."I bit finger hurt....he sad and cry.....No biting" This is the first "trouble" we've had and I soo hope it doesn't happen again :)

Birthday Bash

AnnieBoo had her 2 year old Birthday Party this past weekend. We headed to a Mexican Restaurant and had a Dora party! It was a rockin' party and these pictures do NOT do it justice!

(above-some of her friends)
(below- Dora cake, my mom made)

Happy Birthday!!!
Favors were cute backpacks with fun goodies in them :) AH keeps wearing hers around.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Finding the PERFECT Tree

We did the whole tree farm, cut your own down, hot chocolate experience. Our cousins told us about this awesome place and were sweet to let us go with them! Here's AnnieBoo next to their HUGE tree.

Alice, Sissy and Will
Here is our tree decorated. G and I think its our favorite one yet. I think its a South Carolina Sapphire. It's super full and smells terrific. AH loves the lights. Her favorite ornament is the rocking horse.

AH has been SO fun to watch experience the Christmas season. She screams with excitement every time she sees Santa, snowmen and wreaths. She makes up songs about baby Jesus all the time. Dora visits with baby Jesus too! He even got to ride in Dora's van today! She finally got it straight that baby Jesus was a boy...not a girl. (She's been calling him a girl) Hopefully I can catch her singing jingle bells for ya'll soon :)