Tuesday, March 23, 2010

February Snow

We found out our dogs LOVE carrots.
They were stealing them off the snowman...now we use them as treats :)
These pics were taken RIGHT AFTER we started seeing accumulation...we got lots more snow...well good snow for the south!

AnnieBoo and Daddy made a princess snowman. Crown, pink scarf and that lump on the top of the snowmans head...its a feather...every princess should have a feather :)

1 years old!!!

Happy Birthday Baby Catherine!
Catherine ADORES dogs, so the theme was puppy dogs!
G was off work so we played at the mall, rode the merry.go.round and ate chick.fil.a for lunch watching the ice skaters.
Catherine's favorite gifts were her wagon and boxer puppy dog.
Missed all of you out of towners!