Thursday, June 19, 2008


Here are some pictures of Alice's karnival skit. They did a GREAT job! AH just happens to LOVE Peter Pan right now and we even had a tinkerbell costume. I think A got extra points because we got AH to run ac across the stage during the skit. Her shoes were just a little too she ran really cute!
AH was NOT a fan or captain hook or the alligator. She knew of their location at all times.

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

not sure why this picture wont turn....but these are the lost boys!

Branson or Bust

Our family has been huge fans of Kamp Kanakuk! Alice was a Kiowa princess this year for K2. We were invited to watch her karnival show. We decided all the girls should take a road trip. So, MM, AH, ding ding and mom all loaded up for the 14 hour drive to Brasnson, MO.
Now, Branson is not on my top 100 places to visit, its most loved by the senior citizen crowd, but we found some fun things too!

We tried the kiddie rides at Silver Dollar City. We were okay then.....screams...i don't want to!
Silver Dollar city is like Six Flags, but the theme is an old ozark town. I guess its not time for the rides yet :) The largest skillet I've ever seen!

This is AH getting ready for the Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. (notice her boot cup) Now, personally I loved this show. It was a dinner theater type thing. We ate while they performed tons of horse tricks and stuff. I've always wanted to see the Dixie Stampede and was thrilled everyone let me go this time! (i am fully aware I sound like a redneck now)

AH's fav show was "Amazing Pets" While the rest of us were snoring through most of the show, she was going crazy watching all the cats, birds, monkeys and dogs do tricks!
These animals were featured in the movie "Big Fish" Here is the dog riding a bicycle.

The dogs wore several costumes too!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome Home Ding Ding!

My sister's real name is Whittington, but AH calls her Ding Ding. It was supposed to be Ting Ting, but Ding Ding has just stuck. I think its precious, but Ding doesn't love it! She keeps trying to change it...its not working. Ding Ding is home from Budapest and will be teaching at TPS this Fall. We are so excited for her and excited shes back!
This is a picture of Ding Ding and AH shortly after she returned. Ding bought AH this pink poodle..they decided to name him "Cotton Candy"! Cotton Candy tries to sneak into going everywhere with us!

Monday, June 16, 2008

G's 10 year High School Reunion

G had his High School Reunion this summer! Here are some pics from the weekend festivities.
I have plenty more pics so just let me know SMCS alum or parents if you want me to send them to you!

Fun News

I got a call from my brother, Oliver today! It took them a couple of times of trying, b/c the baby kept its legs crossed each time they tried to check., BUT..... Today..... they are confident they are having a little BOY! Crazy Say Say has already gone out and bought new baby boy and AH matching outfits for NEXT FORTH OF JULY! They were on sale and she said they were just too cute!
Congrats to Pam and Oliver!
We're so excited and can't wait to meet baby boy in October!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Boat Coats

Here are some of AH's friends...they all have their "boat coats" on!

Fam Jam Lake Day

We had a fun weekend at the lake with G's family! Here are some pics to mark the event.

Thanks for the yummy BBQ (Barry cooked ALL day and it was PERFECT)
Grandmommy wanted a ride on the Sea Doo

Karen (G's mom) teaching the kids how to really tube. She even stood up!

Lance and John racing

the girls about to tube
AH and Gramma making bracelet

Entertainment at IHOP

AH and I needed pancakes today and we're out of groceries, so we headed to IHOP! While we were eating, my little girl was entertaining the whole restaurant dancing with Mermaid, Ariel. "This is a fun song mommy, lets dance" So, she did!
This sweet older black man walked over to me and we had the following conversation.

Man: "Where is your husband?"
Me: "He's at work"
Man: (whispering really close to my ear) "May I ask, Is your husband a black man?"
Me: "No sir, he's not" (and I'm wondering where in the world is this going and goodness have you seen my child, she is pastey white for sure)
Man: "Well, I was just trying to figure out where she gets her moves from. She's got some great dancing rhythm and moves"
Me: laughing, "oh those are from me " :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tiger at "camp"

Tiger came to "camp columbus" this week while mom and dad were out. AH loved having a friend...but man is he lots of work. When you aren't used to having a cute four legged sure does change your schedule around. Especially ones with some special needs, tiger has ear drops, allergy shots and anxiety meds (for storm and fireworks) He snores alot too!
We've all had a fun time, but its been work! I got some cute shots of AH and tiger finishing off the end of the cupcake batter.
To make things even harder...our AC went out. So ALL of us headed to the cousins house. Sissy, so sorry again tiger "marked" your curtains and your mat outside :)