Monday, October 12, 2009

my favorite

this is totally my favorite picture to date...all ready and happy with our pumpkins!


We finally joined a local church after all the moving we have done :) Soon after our decision, Catherine was baptized. Her dress was the same one her big sister and myself wore. She was the 12th person to be baptized in that same spot and the 15 th person in our family to wear that dress. What a special tradition and heritage to pass along!

We had a family brunch afterwords. I had fun pulling out all my china and silver and putting it to good use. Mom was so sweet to help me with flowers and food. Cheese grits, breakfast casserole, cinnamon rolls, fruit...Everything was great!

She was named after those 2 sweet ones above!
I was prepared for lots of screaming when she was sprinkled....She did great and it was just a special time of thanking God for her and reminding us of his promises.

visit to see A.Love

A.Love has been rockin the soccer field. She even scored 2 headers.

she has a pretty big cheering section :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

more pest problems

"Mam, are you sure you don't just have dry skin?" Seriously, the pest control service thinks I'm bonkers. I have been complaining about little bug bites here and there for about 2 months. This month I've started getting super itchy bug bites on my tummy and arms. I get them everytime I go to bed. G thinks I'm crazy, but it wont cost him any money because its under our coverage...I call bug man to come spray again. I make sure he doesn't add too much water and ask a million questions.

The following week, still getting bit, Bug guy comes again. "Mam, I think you might be feeling static, allergic to something, washing clothing in something new" know, all the duh questions.
They check for gross things like bed bugs and take a few samples.

G starts getting bit too so I'm not looking so crazy anymore.

Today, new bug guy shows up with briefcase. Pulls everything from wall, puts glue traps out over everything and takes lots more samples of little black things that look like dirt to me.
We now are sleeping in the pull out sofa upstairs and hoping the criters don't find me there :)

All of this is going on while I'm having to have 2 grown up parties.
Yucky gross, I know...please still be my friend and please still come visit me :)
I promise its really not super dirty and nasty in my house...i mean we have the cheerios mashed in carpet sometimes, but seriously...what is up with all these attacking pest issues!

Friday, October 2, 2009

sister pictures

More pictures by my sweet friend :)
The girls are getting along great!
I so hope they can be sweet to each other ALWAYS!
Our latest news...CC just started crawling!


We were so excited to visit Disney recently. A HUGE thank you to Ian's family who totally hooked us up with tickets and lots of fun surprises. We couldn't pass up the trip when Ian said they might could find some free tickets for us and we found an unbelievable hotel deal. It was one of those timeshare presentations. We had to see a 2 hours promo but got to stay at a suite hotel with full kitchen for $120 TOTAL for 4 days.
PERFECT time of year for Disney. No crowds or waiting in lines!
I did tons of research...found the cheap places to eat...PB&J for lunch everyday.
Couldn't resist getting some Minnie Mouse ears

LOVED Mickey's Halloween party.I think everyone was dressed up except G and I. G was laughing at me...I was very tempted to buy a costume. I guess that would make me a dorky disney parent HA :)

tinkerbell flew right over us...GREAT fireworks!
AH had 2 favorite things...she loved the dance party with the characters. We felt like such bad parents when we looked at our watch at it was midnight and we were still dancing :)

Dumbo was the other favorite thing! She did it 6 times I think.

MM successfully rode dumbo and the teacups without losing her lunch...seriously a major accomplishment. I would get sick each time I would do those rides when I was younger :)

Great time with all the characters and princess'. We did Animal Kingdom the first day. All day long we heard, "this is for boys..where is Cinderella and Belle...I don't like this...Can we go to the castle"

We ALL can't wait to go back!
It was very magical!