Monday, December 28, 2009

oh my

don't you wish you were at my house right now :)
I got my camera because she was all dressed up...but I almost had a heart attack when she started all her rockin'

okay...thats like 5 posts in a should be almost be totally caught up with us now!
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I didn't do well with Christmas eve and Christmas Day photos...who knows why!?!?

so this Christmas brought about lots of changes...we made a "no traveling after the first 2 weeks of December rule" it just works so much better for us...especially with all the birthdays and anniversary stuff we have.
SANTA brings the girls 3 gifts. For a million reasons, and honestly it was a "test" year. Mom and Dad were having trouble getting totally sold on the idea. It was great! We're pretty sure that will stick around for awhile.
AnnieBoo- microphone, CD player and costume
C- weeble castle, hammer toy, pop up toy
and then WAY too many sweet gifts from everyone!
(and Santa wrapped in white tissue paper...Laura, it was awesome! Thanks for the idea)

We were at our OWN HOUSE Christmas and family came to US for Christmas morning brunch. Now I know this will change up in the years to come...but it was so great!

first christmas

This was Catherine's first Christmas! Sweet little thing has blazed a big ole' trail this Holiday Season. We've had so much fun and she's been such a trooper. I feel like I've spent the whole month at the Doc..she's taken 3 antibiotics and we are now the proud owners of a nebulizer. She had to do breathing treatment to clear up something in her chest and had/maybe still has ear infections. We can't seem to shake it! Because of all that, no school for her and she's spent lots of time being my special shopping friend.

Baby C seems to have turned on her little personality this month. She is blowing kisses and trying to starting to say lots of words. Mama, Dada, started her animal noises..her fav is the cow,
She's just a blast! I'm so thankful for her and can't imagine life without her!

santa brought her a weeble castle, hammer toy, pop up toy

family pic


this is whole set of photos is posted backwards...Sorry!
The photo above is the end result of a little cooking party!

The girls had a little cookie bake!
Baby Catherine, stinker, somehow reached and made the sprinkles much more artistic...and she quickly figured out if she licked her graham cracker..the sugar would stick :)
Cookies were gonna be a huge cleanup anyways, so I just let her play after she "redesigned" the sprinkle bowls for us.
It was A BIT of clean up...but I LOVE these pictures.
Couldn't post them all...but here are a few


it wouldn't be our cookies without a pink tree or two :)

so, thats how it all began...catherine was fine playing with her little toys on the high chair. How in the world did she reach those bowls...I was right there...

Happy Birthday

We like to celebrate around here...AH was loving Fancy we had a little party on her real birthday. She got a bike..its so sparkles, streamers, stickers, etc! AH is not the best driver yet, but hopefully that will come..
We had a "pump it up" party with another birthday girl in her class. It was a cute girly frog theme since they were bouncing at "pump it up"
No hurt feelings if you weren't was all her school friends :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

dirty santa

Here is one of my favorite things we've done this Christmas.... loved the post and had to thankful for all these new friends!

G and I took The 2009 Tiger Woods Beat Down was a tiger woods action figure with a barbie..she was holding the golf club. We also took AstroTurf coozies...from that stupid tailgate approved website. I should have taken more pictures...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

polar express

The Polar Express was PERFECTLY MAGICAL!!
I can't decide who liked it more...children or parents.
PJ's were the attire!
We read the polar express book on our way to the North Pole. Upon arrival, we had a little visit with Santa and the Mrs. Chocolate milk, cookies, elves and lots of pictures we involved.
On the way home we sang christmas carols....we must have sung "jingle bells" a million times with all the children ringing santa's sleigh bell. It was one of my favorite christmas things to do EVER...I will tell you my Hubs struggled to hear the bell ring...he can be a scrooge sometimes. I'm pretty sure he has put the jingle bell souvenirs in a hiding spot we might never find!

Callaway Garden Lights

CC's first year..She's a BIG fan of cotton candy! We'll have to get the jumbo size next time...
Be sure and go on value days...its 1/2 price :)


Can you tell we live in the south...we celebrate with fishing and guns...
I promise you, we have LOTS of fun!

T.Tom gave us all a super fun gift! He stocked the lake with a few Trout...its amazing!
G taught me how to use a fly rod and I caught my first trout...I was impressed with myself..its so fun!

the matchy matchiness of my children's clothing is OUT OF CONTROL... I love it and I'm getting dang good on ebay finding good deals...seriously, how long can I talk them into matching.
And, man..I can't believe its time to start thinking about those clothing shows again :) I'm so sorry honey...I'll try and do better.

I "learned" so many funny things about Indians this year from AnnieBoo. Did you know why Indians use a bow and arrow? "The Indians are really good at shooting arrows! They see animals and want to know what their fur feels they use their arrow and shoot the animal..then run fast and feel how good the fur feels!" You can't change her mind...if you ask her today about Indians...that is what she'll tell you :)