Thursday, July 31, 2008

due in feb

if I have your email you already heard the whole story, but for my bloggin' friends....we're expecting a little one sometime early feb! i'm 13 weeks...still not holding breakfast down, but praying to turn the corner soon :)
we finally told big sister too! she has been carrying around the sono picture. we asked if she would like a baby brother or baby sister? "ummm, I think I would like a baby elephant"
we'll keep you posted and yes we will be finding out if its indeed a girl, boy or baby elephant!

Monday, July 21, 2008

bubble bath

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baseball State Champs Reunion

Baseball was a HUGE part of G's life in High School and College. One of his most exciting moments was winning a State Championship in High School! This year some of the team gathered to catch up and celebrate. They cooked out and went to a Barons game together.
(Here's some of the team after 10 years)

(We met G's dad at the game)

(G's dad, AH, G)

(G, AH, Coach)

There was even some romance...AH found a boyfriend. He TRIED for kisses all night. She held strong for awhile and finally let him have have one. Isn't he cute!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Where to find books??

We need to update our childrens book collection! We're getting a little past the millions of board books I have, but I can't seem to find any good deals on alot of books. I try ebay, but I never win anything there! I don't really want to collect one by one, but also don't want to pay a fortune for books that my kids are gonna tear up. Any suggestions?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We weren't real excited about taking this picture. Most of us had played all day in the water and we don't look so cute...but its all of us!
(From the left mm, G, AH then ding and Alice, Mom and Dad, KK and Charles
(my dads brother), Oliver and Pam)
AH caught onto the flag thing really fast...she was all about waving them around all weekend. Mom likes to put them everywhere and in all her plants...we couldn't keep those little fingers from taking them all out everytime we turned around :)

We love the boat parade. Anyone can decorate their boat patriotic and join in. We've just been spectators every year, but one day we might join in.

Family Time

After my grandfather died, my grandmother got remarried. We totally love the guy and they celebrated 10 years of marriage this past weekend. Family came from EVERYWHERE to celebrate. We all were dressed up for the big party and I'm sorry so to say I didn't even get any group pictures. What in the world was I thinking...
Since we don't get together very often most of us headed up to the lake to play. It's taken forever to go through the hundreds of pictures but here are few good ones of our time together!
(low country boil - a family favorite)

lots of boat rides

AH got way too much attention...she loved every bit of it! Cousin Sadler taking AH on the "sea doupe"

the badminton challenge

400 pictures of bibb jumping waves on the sea doupes

older folks riding the sea doos :)

Welcome Home Oliver and Pam!

They are gonna hate me for posting this picture, but it was the best one I had of them! We have LOVED spending time with them. My brother and sis-in-law are on summer break from teaching in Budapest, Hungary. They cracked us up most of the weekend, because the airlines lost their luggage and they always had to wear funny things...and those black socks. They finally made a trip to wal-mart!
This was Oliver's go to move in High School. He was so proud he could ski with no hands/rope between his legs.... He's still go it :)