Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rental House

Here's the update on our crazy lives! We are temporary living in Georgia while Garret helps open a new pharmacy here. It's been a really fun time for our family-- Lots of togetherness and we love hanging out with my cousins over here.
We have been living in a company furnished apartment. The company asked us to stay about 10 months longer here so we thought it would be fun to find a rental house! Not wanting to move anything from our REAL house, we've collected several unwanted/extra pieces of furniture from people. I'm sure none of the colors will match and it will look crazy...but it will be lots of fun!
G is most excited b/c he gets to bring his TV and the house comes with a yard service!

AH will get to have all her toys and her BIG GIRL BED. I'm sure that transition wont go smoothly. We're hoping, a princess and a dora pilliowcase and new books will help get her excited!
MM's just thrilled to not have the big man upstairs walking/vacuuming around upstairs at all hours of the night. It has a cute little back yard, alarm system and its not even a mile to the grocery store!
We move in this weekend!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mr. Peacock

Another visit to the animal park...Mr. peacock was showing off for us!
This is the absolute closest AnnieBoo would stand for a picture...shortly after we both ran away screaming and laughing b/c he kept walking towards us.
We went to check on little one before we headed to bed for the night...she was asleep in the middle of her bedroom floor. She sleeps in a pack-n-play these in the world did she do that?? I asked her in the morning to show me how she got out of the bed...she laughed and hoisted her little leg over and used her hands to hop out. we are surely moving into a big girl bed...ASAP.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

AH Singing

Sorry about the sideways thing! AH calling her "aunt ding ding" on her birthday!
And her own little version of " I had a little turtle"

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentines Week

I took a sewing class- I learned how to make the dress AH has on in the picture can't see it really well, but its cute. A little i might end up monogramming it :) I already have my material cut out for my next dress!

We had a really fun week!
We have WAY too much free time here in we made all of AH's Valentines.
She thought that was really cool!

G gives me little gifts everyday leading up to Valentines...which is really fun too!
Monday-a fun yoga was fun to watch G try and do yoga with me.
Wednesday- a fun card game
Thursday- a book(we're trying to read together) and tennis shoes

There has been no biting at school lately....YEAH!

we have all been on this natural foods diet for about 2 weeks. Mainly just fruits, veggies and nuts. We have been wanting to learn to cook more healthy meals and this was perfect for teaching us!
My friend's husband lost 20 pounds on it. It's based off the Daniel Diet/Daniel Fast. Although I didn't drop 20 pounds, we did catch some healthy eating habits and shed a few pounds. I'm glad its over, b/c I'm tired of cooking all that stuff.

The week ended with a GREAT relaxing weekend with NO PLANS!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

About me!

I was tagged by Jessica (sorry jess, I don't know how to do links yet)
Things you don't know about the top of my head b/c we're about to head out for the weekend!

1) I threw up during my first kiss! It's a great story-one of my friends wrote about it in college and it was published in a literary magazine. She didn't ask my day she just brought me this magazine and said read this...hope your not mad :) I wasn't!
2) I am a Waffle House Red Star Certified Waitress from Panama City, FL
3) I love the movie "Yours, Mine and Ours" and would totally have 12 children just like that!
4) I miss teaching Kindergarten SO much!
5) I met, dated and married my husband in about a year! I would have sworn to you that I would never marry someone I had just known a year, but man he swept me off my feet. I couldn't help it
And everyday I'm so thankful I did :)
6) I HATED picking out who was going to be bridesmaids in my was the hardest part for me, I didn't want to leave anyone out. I wanted all my friends up there with me :)
7) I love American Idol and most reality TV
8) I hate to journal.
9) Chocolate is my weakness
10) I really have always liked Valentines Day...even when I was single! Happy Valentine's Day

Tag your it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Princess motivation

We have some funny books. One of the new favorites is this manners book where all the disney princess' show good manners. The book has provided some great motivation for AH's manners!

Today, she noticed all the princess' had "long mittens" on. HER OWN socks would no longer suffice for mitten or she found some of daddy's sock for her "long mittens"
I didn't prompt any of that...and I guess she got them out of the dirty clothes :)
She brought them to me and asked for me to help her with her dress! The 2nd picture is her interpretation of a curtsy.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


No update on AH biting! She's been sick for the whole month with some yucky viral infection...which the doctor doesn't like to give ANY meds for those :(

We have found out we should to be in Columbus until December! I thought we would already be home by now...but we're going to make the most of this opportunity. Hopefully we'll find a house to rent b/c we're VERY tired of apartment living.
More to come...