Thursday, April 24, 2008

Disney on Ice, Princess Wishes!

I'm not sure who was more excited! AnnieBoo could hardly contain herself when she found out TODAY, we were going to see the princess' skate!
She had a special Cinderella dress all ready to go.
G gladly gave up his ticket to my cousin Alice.
Alice loved it too! She took 341 pictures with my camera. Ha!
I have been known to watch a princess movie when things get wild in my life. I love the magic! I was thrilled just to have someone to take and I loved watching AH love every minute.
It was just one of those perfectly fun nights!!

We got lots of stuff...I HAD to get cotton candy. Alice likes Flounder- a hat and tshirt and she almost fainted when Jasmine's boyfriend came out.
He had a shirtless, six pack and was really cute!
AH got "hot corn" popcorn and a princess t-shirt

After I go through the other 341 pictures, I'm sure I'll post more!
Everything about it was awesome and Tinkerbell even BUSTED..right in front of us!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Camera!

We have been debating over upgrading to an SLR camera. You should see my pictures getting better...because we finally decided on one. We went with a Nikon...but don't hate me Cannon lovers...we found a great price we just couldn't pass up! We still have 90 days to return it, so your welcome to try and talk me into something else. But so far, we LOVE our camera.
G has been watching all the instructional videos...i just prefer to learn as I go :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Singing Extravaganza

(concentrating so hard...trying to find mommy and daddy)

G and I looked like BIG DORKS this week.
We were so excited AnnieBoo had her first Spring Program...It was called the "Singing Extravaganza". Ha, don't you just love the name :) We came armed to the Singing Extravaganza with 2 cameras. (for video check youtube if you really want...but its kind of boring) They only sang two songs! I guess we should be excited she didn't act crazy or bite anyone..she did GREAT! Thank goodness she had her pretty panties on...she showed them to everyone :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Pharmacist kid

AH lives on allergy meds during the overtaking of pollen each spring. I had to laugh today when she came and asked for her meds by name. G was so proud...he says he'll start working on generic pronunciations with her now :)

AH: My nose is running. Mommy can I have some Zyrtec?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ready for good weather!

We needed a little more entertainment outside at the house so we bought a sandbox.
We'll fill the baby pool up soon and then we'll have a beach thing going on in backyard.
It's proven to provide endless hours of fun .These shorts are my deal of the season. I bought all the colors they had at Wal-mart! For $2.50 I think it was a super deal. I'll take the little shirt to be monogrammed and we're set for summer!
Run out now and get some...

Friends Stuff

I love that many of my friends are starting fun stores and shops.
I enjoy shopping and usually just LOVE the stuff they have!
Here are 3 links to some of my their stores.

My college friend Brett, runs the Polka Dot Princess. She does all my calling cards, stationary, invitations and we LOVE the waterproof sippy cup labels. AND her prices are SO reasonable.
She ships internationally too!
She has recently put ALOT more stuff on her website! But, she can customize anything for you!

I've known the Montgomery girls since Elementary School. They own a precious children's shop in Birmingham and have recently opened a Maternity store too! The BEST PART, if you live in Birmingham, they are right next to each other!!!
Check them out and pass the word along to friends.
Go visit FireFlies and FairyTales and The Swanky Stork

Thursday, April 3, 2008

AnnieBoo Update

YEAH! No biting so far!
We cheer like crazy and run to the car every time we are sweet to our friends at school.
YEAH! I still have my fingers crossed :)

I'm not sure why we've never flown kites at the farm. It's the PERFECT place...with wind coming off the pond and no trees. So, here is AH showing her new silly face getting ready to fly her kite.AH sleeps in a big girl bed now! I thought it was a good time to make the switch when we moved into the new house. She got to choose a special pillow case to sleep was Dora and Princess .
She stayed in her bed...but she cried and whined ALL night. It was the worst night ever with her. But, we didn't want to end up with her in our we waited it out...but it was awful.
But, 1 night...and then it was over. We love our big girl bed now!

We live near a great library and we visited a few days ago. She loves book and loves to read books with us, so i had a feeling it would be a hit. Although we just couldn't contain our excitement to the "no loud talking in the library rule" we had so much fun!
They do some fun, FREE programs for the kids.

Lately, she loves to play Elmo's potty game and any cute computer games I can find.
Let me know if you have any other suggestions.