Wednesday, February 17, 2010

playing around

This picture just cracks me up...when I wake up I have no clue WHAT this child will be wearing but it usually includes a swim suit and she usually can't wear it in public :)
Challenging, yes totally, you bet ya.
BUT fun, YES and totally worth it!

We bought a tent.
It was on big time sale and didn't have any directions included so we did a little test run in the front yard.
And we're gonna look REAL cute in the woods with all our pink with our bright green tent.
G thinks all the girls in his family need to toughen up and rough it a little with nature.
Who's up for camping with us?? I would LOVE some suggestions on where to go...

Feb snow

you are looking at a princess snowman...with a feather on top of her head..
hmmm. interesting huh.

who knew, our dogs love snow and baby carrots

Friday, February 5, 2010

duck season

G has had a little schedule change and it came just in time for duck season.
He got in some great hunts...and I WASN'T a hunting widow :)
He had much more time to do some fun hunting this year.
And already looking forward to Quail....


I recently joined Twitter to follow some friends on vacation. I still have NO CLUE how to "follow people" or have them "follow me".
We are FancyNancyGirls on twitter...just shoot me a message on there and I'll follow you or TRY to follow you :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


We love to celebrate birthdays...
Your day begins with a special birthday breakfast...complete with singing and candles. We sing ALOT on your birthday! And AnnieBoo likes to yell SURPRISE...even when you know she's gonna say it...AGAIN.

AND you MUST sleep on the Birthday Pillowcase too!

even when your 30!
Happy Birthday G...thanks for putting up with all your birthday fun!