Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer News!

This was our biggest summer news...
We had a countdown going all month...we were VERY excited about Oliver, Pam, Thomas, Charlie and Rebi coming back here.
We waited in the street with as much "american stuff" as we
could find.
YAY! We love having everyone around!
Please continue to keep them in your prayers as they job hunt and adjust to life in states.

Baby Catherine

Love my Baby KK..she's a little mess. Loves to dress up and absolutely drives big sister bonkers. They do things SO differently. It will be fun watching them love on each other as they get older.
I don't get too many pictures of her all out smiling..Baby C is pretty serious. I think she's trying to make it away with this baby before AnnieBoo catches her.

And thanks again to M. at Trolard Imaging...for helping us get some sweet pictures!
I have a million...but I'll only put up a few...they take awhile to upload.

still loves animals...but very much into baby dolls these days.

Ballet/end of the school year

AnnieBoo loved school. Her school program was cute and love this picture of her "rocking out" to Lord I lift you name on high. And yes, she would call it rockin' out :)

These pictures make me smile and make me worry just a little bit at the same time.
She LOVED EVERY part of the entire ballet night!
(no idea what pose this is below...but it seems to be her signature pose these days)

picked out her daddys pink shirt :)
dinner at tipping point to celebrate

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

we've been busy

Hey friends! We've been busy having fun and I have so much to share! No need to caution me about the cleanliness of these hotel phones...i'm sure housekeeping DID clean them and it was their fav thing about the hotel :)
We've gotten a MAC (around the new year) and I STILL haven't figured out how to use picassa editing and my new computer. I'm so behind on pictures! I would love ANY help...
do i put them in iphoto and then import them all??
how in the world do i organize all this without making it complicated??
You should message me right now on FB or email and help me out!
More pictures to come....