Wednesday, August 20, 2008

yeah-da-corn video

First I have some disclaimers before you watch!
1) I'm cleaning out summer clothes and getting out Fall stuff...excuse the clothes in random places. It's just messy around here right now. We tried to edit most of it out :)
2) G and I are just dorks, we know that. We have laughed at this whole process and we are just so goofy sounding in the video...sorry!

It's about 4 minutes long so most of you wont be that interested. But, you'll see AH jumping her "hurdles", a surprise potty time totally unstaged, the potty dance, and hear about how AH likes to match her CareBear sticker to the same color star she puts on her potty chart. You'll also get to see the "yeah-da-corn"

"Here's my yeah-ta-corn"

A "yeah-ta-corn" is the special prize AnnieBoo picked out after she went "stinky" in the potty!
Sorry...hope this isn't TMI. If it is...for sure don't click on the video I'm trying to upload next.
The goal was a CareBear when we headed to Toys R Us; but she was quickly sidetracked by this lovely pink sparkle unicorn (yeah-da-corn)
It has braids, roses and even makes noise = very tacky :)
We're not really sure how yeah-da-corn stuck...but she insists its not a unicorn...its a yeah-da-corn! Whatever babe...great job :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

A-Love is Famous Already!

A-Love has been to 1DAY of practice and she's already impressing the coach!
Here's the link - just copy and paste it

Good Job Alice!

I think I fixed the link in the sidebar now!

First Day of School

Yeah for school! We're so excited about school this year. AnnieBoo's teacher was MY TEACHER when I was 2...very small world! Our school offers ballet during school hours too! We're in the process of talking daddy into thinking its a great idea :) I think he pretty much caved when he saw the recital pictures from last years ballerinas.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


We have loved the Olympics...I hate living on GA time right now because I'm up too late EVERY NIGHT! We headed to the farm to have our Olympic party kick off. It was just a "party" because we made cupcakes and AH thinks thats a party.

(i learned how to make big bows, thus saving mucho $)

(AH liked the weight lifting. Here's her interpretation Fencing is her other fav)

(T Tom and his new toy; the coolest lawn mower I've ever seen)

(Ding Ding stopped by for a ride too)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

potty chart

Well... we've finally started trying to use the big potty. She's doing pretty good and it hasn't been too bad. Here's our potty chart. I had to include it because it cracks me up and I hope I always remember it! I drew the stick figures and AH told me how to decorate them. Please notice, AnnieBoo has a hairbow and sword. (we are really into swords these days from peter pan)
Mommy has a dress, a sword, long hair and a spoon and a bowl. Just as I was thinking, "heck yea, she thinks I'm a fabulous cook"....she told me it was a spoon and a cereal bowl. HA!
Daddy has a sword and a fishing pole with a big fish on it.
Everytime she TT's in the potty she gets to do potty dance, carebear sticker, a star on the chart and gets to go into the treasure chest (its in the picture too) She loves books so inside the treasure chest are lots of books!

Pineapple from Hawaii

We're all so jealous but still excited that our youngest sister Alice went to Hawaii for 3 weeks! She had some sweet friends take her and do everything thats a "must" on several of the islands. I hear people claim the pineapples taste different over there because they are so I begged her to send us some pineapple or a coconut. We have feasted on so much pineapple we all have ulcers, but I'm happy to report it DOES taste different. MUCH SWEETER than any I've had here. And she bought AH a Hula girl outfit. It took some convincing and many viewings on "youtube" looking up hula dancing...but she loves her "Hula Hoop skirt" See below for some serious Hula practing faces!
Thanks A-Love! Your the BEST!

Monday, August 4, 2008

A-Love the blogger! *updated*

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