Thursday, May 28, 2009


We're in the process of moving HOME! I'm sure I'll have a reflexive post soon but it has been the longest month EVER!

Below are the best and worst of the first couple of weeks in May.
It's been wild; not even counting that we're not so great at transition and change!
Our house is awesome, but it is totally revolting us right now. I can't even begin to tell you everything that has gone wrong...the worst stuff is the melting of some important wires on the new hot water hear that gave us cold showers for a bit. (i pretty much cried on the phone to the repair people and they came right out)
the 2nd is all the rodents and gross things that keep following us around
I'm sure if you were listening really close you could hear all the girls in our family screaming
It's a stinkin jungle around here.

The girls
AH is good. Excited about being in her old room and all her toys.
CC has been a trooper...she developed salmonella and who knows what else. We're seeing a gastro DR to figure out why her tummy still hurts. They have recently put her on $25 a can nutramigen formula. If you have connections on any of that formula..hook me up!

For sure more to come, after I catch my breath...

first part of May- the worst parts

invasion of the lizardS...we had 2 godzillas killed so far..( skinks )
first one above AnnieBoo's bed...she's deathly afraid lizards so it hasn't been fun to put her to sleep everynight

thankfully G was home to kill the 2nd one...NASTY!

yea, annieboo found this one too ...rodents have truly followed us around this month

swimming lessons were terrible. how can i say this and not get into trouble...
swimming lessons were 6 lessons long. Lesson five mom and dad took "action" and a more important role in annie acutally getting IN the pool. Worst $$ I ever spent...but thankful she learned alot in the 6th lesson :)

first of May- some of the good parts

biscuits game

cooking...please notice the brownie on cc's foot

mothers day

t-tom bday

gardening growing

derby party