Saturday, September 29, 2007

We still miss Bham!

(Ellie, Baby O, AH, Livy)
It's been awhile since we moved away, but we still REALLY miss Birmingham and our friends there. Most of our couple friends now have children and its so fun to get our kids together.
Miss you guys! Thanks for still keeping up with us!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How Kids Think...

Check out this website...
I'm LOVING the discussion they have these days! I don't comment on anything, but I enjoy gathering info and learning about different views on parenting...
Here's a little sample....
"Thanks for visiting the How Kids Think blog. How Kids Think is a project of God’s World Publications, the publisher of God’s World News and WORLD Magazine. We hope you’ll bookmark us and visit often over the next two months to participate in our research of what it means to teach children from a biblical worldview in a postmodern world."

Here is one of the latest questions they discussed.
"How do we go about equipping kids during their first eighteen years for the kinds of attacks they’ll face in the “real” world without overprotecting on the one hand and overwhelming on the other? How do we maintain the right balance between what is taught and what is caught?"
Interesting stuff, huh? I love all this kind of stuff.

She's like her daddy!

AH has been really showing more of little personality these days.
We did not teach her this stuff, but its SO LIKE HER DADDY
Uses a coaster for her sippy cup....
Uses a pot holder to get her pots and pans out of her toy oven...
Knows you tie her shoes twice(double knots), and will remind you if you don't....
Specific books and specific toys have their specific place...NEVER to be changed :)

AH has a few things like me...
She's extremely energized by people or a crowd
She's really kinda prissy :)
She seems to be a feeler. A small example- She gets upset when there is a crisis on Dora....we've taught her to move on by saying, "Dora fix it" So whenever anything unpleasant happens she tells us, "Dora fix it"

OH MY, What a fun ride we're in for!!!!

Here's some pictures of her playing. She observes EVERYTHING!
Prefers to wear her sunglasses like this...

I wish you could all be here to observe her with her babies...its too cute! Baby just about goes everywhere with her. Please notice the diaper bag and the purse on the stroller. I didn't do that either.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sweet Friends

The grandmothers had a fun play date with their little ones. This is my sweet friend Jessica's baby. They had so much fun!! I was going to scan some pictures of jess and I when we were little-but I don't have a scanner at my new place. We've been friends since birth...what a special thing for our kids to play together!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


First Trip to cheer for Auburn!!
She loved the game and already knows many of the cheers.
She kept screaming at the football players, "No Pushing".
Meredith and David met us there.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Tree

One of my favorite things about my house was this beautiful tree in our front yard! It was a HUGE Sycamore. Lightening struck our tree sometime this summer and the whole thing started dying and dropping leaves and branches. The tree experts all said we needed cut it down!
Here are the pictures for my family in Hungary to see. We're SO SAD!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wild Animal Safari

In keeping with our need for adventure and just needing a good distraction from life, we headed to the Wild Animal Safari. We thought it would be like the Zoo. We were get in these zebra stripped vans and the animals come right up to your vehicle! We rolled our windows down and got ready to see some animals...before we knew it, we had 2 LARGE elk heads in our van...AH went nuts. I was laughing SO hard, at the same time swatting at the animals.We put up the windows, and it took about 5 minutes for her to get okay. She waved to all the baby deer and just loved it by the end :) It was such a fun thing for us! Here are some funny pictures!Here's a pic of the van with some animals all was like this the whole timeanimals include-Elk, Antelope, pigs,deer,giraffe,buffalo, ostrichbaby deer with his spots still...he couldn't even eat the food we gave himand a cow that wanted to visit
We highly recommend the Animal Safari and if you come visit us we'll go back with you...we bought a season pass!

Blog Reader

The collection of sites I read daily has grown quite large over the past couple of months. It seems like all my friends and family are choosing to blog! I learned about a Blog Reader from Dan and April Barber's page.
"Here is a blog tip: if you would like to not have to go all over tarnation to read everyone’s blog, use a blog reader...there are a couple I like, such as Google’s Reader and Bloglines. Then you only have to go to one place and read all your blogs..."

Thanks for such a GREAT tip....!! I set up the google reader and it was SO EASY! Now, I know whenever my friends add something new!
I'm sure you all knew about that, but it's been a huge find lately! Go check it out! I promise you'll love it!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Thank You!

AnnieBoo has 2 wonderful Grandmothers.
"Say Say" gave her some play food, b/c AH really loves to cook these days!
"Gramma" sent her a cute necklace, that she wants to wear EVERYDAY!
We are very thankful for these sweet ladies!