Friday, January 30, 2009

Ready and Waiting

We're all packed and ready to meet Baby could be ANYTIME now!
We'll keep you posted! Please be in prayer that things go smoothly and quickly!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

smokin' hot dance video of a 3 year old

So here we have a little "Annie" singing which we are REALLY into these days...some Rockette kicks still left over from Christmas.... and a little "Single Ladies" dancing that ALove introduced her to. (she's training for Beyonce's part I think...we'll have to keep practicing, but if you've seen the REAL video, you might notice some of the moves. ) Thanks to ALOVE who is always quick to expose my child to the latest dance techniques. HA!

Why is she in her bathing suit?? Well, 1. Here mommy doesn't care too much about what she wears around the house these days.
2. Her daddy told her when it gets really warm outside and its summertime, she can help pick out the family dog. She's trying really hard to convince him its summer, even if its in the 20's outside! The bathing suits have been out for about 3 days now :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

ShowBiz Pizza - blast from the past

G says all the cool kids had their birthday parties at ShowBiz and dorks went to Chuck-e-cheese when he was growing up. HA! Evidently, ShowBiz was a little edgy and loud for parents...and they played rock music, instead of kids music. There is a WHOLE HUGE following out there in the world who is still mourning the loss of ShowBiz. There are several overseas and a ShowBiz collector just opened a ShowBiz just a little drive from us. You have to check out his animatronics singing Usher songs on youtube. There is also a documentary coming out about ShowBiz Rock-afire Band and the special program in Phenix City!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 3 and 4

Thomas and AnnieBoo in matching PJ's
We were all sick for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Sooo, I don't have many pictures from my family Christmas. We made the big move to have Christmas at our own house this year.
AnnieBoo racked up from Santa....Lots of princess dresses and dress up.

This was her favorite gift by far....Say Say and T Tom gave her 2 big winners! She wore her wedding dress and carried her pink shot gun around all day :)

our Christmas Card

Meeting Baby Thomas

fun in the bathtub

Baby Thomas getting baptized

taking a family shot while we were all in town

We were so excited to meet baby Thomas. Pam and Oliver's (my brother) little one!
He was born back in October, but they live over seas and all the sisters are JUST NOW getting to hold him! He is such a great baby and is so precious!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Round 1 and 2

We had a fun family time celebrating Christmas early with G's family. AH loved Christmas this year. It seems like she was a constant sugar high of love all christmas season!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

5 years!

I love when people post wedding pics. Although only 5 years ago, we weren't all digital then so I didn't have too many uploaded already! G and I met, dated and married within about a year. We had a blast through pre-marriage counseling, children, moving, school. We've had a really fun life together so far and I can't imagine doing life with another person! I loved getting married at Christmas! It was pretty much my dream perfect wedding. (super hectic- both pastors got the flu, a couple of wrong notes, and just general christmas craziness) I can still remember every part! Santa driving us away was fun! Loved that I was the 5th person to wear a special wedding dress. Celebrating Christmas Honeymoon on the beach was THE BEST!
We wish we were back there again every year.
It's just really hard to believe its been 5 years!
The only negative of the whole thing...I horribly procrastinated on my thank you notes! Don't get me wrong, I was SO THANKFUL but man that was NO FUN! Yes, Mom, I'm 95% sure I really did finish them all :)

Friday, January 2, 2009


cupcakes with friends at school

AnnieBoo with her Cinderella princess cake! We had a little family party complete with those fabulously tacky heart shaped princess plates and napkins. She had a blast!

I'm so behind on blogging...sorry! December was FULL of craziness. Christmas traveling all over the place. We celebrated being married 5 years, well, not really. An anniversary and your childs birthday are NOT supposed to be celebrated on the same day :) We've decided to celebrate in the summer. G and AH both had birthdays! Lots of Hunting and family time! We all had super nasty colds throughout Christmas and are still recovering. Baby Girl has a name now (Catherine) and we're planning on her coming sometime this month! More coming soon...