Tuesday, September 30, 2008

what ballerinas do...

AnnieBoo informed me this is morning there are some things ballerinas DON'T DO and therefore on her dance day....she doesn't really need to do them :) It didn't really work for this ballerina, but it was pretty cute!

Ballerinas DO NOT put "rain" on their hair! (we wet her hair, with "rain" in the mornings if its
nasty in the back from sleeping)
Ballerinas DO NOT brush their hair!

Ballerinas DO NOT brush their teeth!

Ballerinas only wear pink and they always wear hats.... ALL THE TIME!
(all the time is her new fav statement..she adds it to almost everything)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

AU game

tiger walk

all 3 expecting baby girls in Feb :)

annieboo loved this van.
it was loudly playing the fight song and please notice the tiger on top
AH waved and screamed war eagle.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dance Class

They offer dance class during the school day at AnnieBoo's school this year. Ballet and Tap
We debated whether to sign her up or not. We knew she'd love it, but really...she's 2 1/2!
It's precious; She does love it! Here are some pictures.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pics from the Porch

Lots of animals were out and about. These were some things we were able to see from the porch!

(this is how she likes to travel these days...with her special pillow she took from T Tom
sorry, not sure your gonna get it back)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

family news...

i forgot to mention in my last update on alice....i told her i would rat her out :)

AnnieBoo was so upset not to find ANY pictures of herself in sweet A-love's college room!
Thats right...ZERO pictures of our family...as in parents, sisters and brothers.
(Actually, I take that back, I think an old picture of Oliver might have made the cut, but NO ONE ELSE.)

BOOOO! I think we should all send millions of pictures and bad emails her way :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Roadtrip MC

We do have an MC cheerleader outfit. She screamed "go alice" the whole time, even when alice came out.

it rained and we had to run really fast to car...here's AH soaked

alice had moves

the college was so pretty. a good cross between montevallo and samford

Love you Alice...i'm send you more pictures!

It's a Baby Sister!

Our appointment went great. G and I were both super nervous. We were so excited to see all working organs accounted for :) Thanks for all your prayers! We left the DR and picked AH up from school. She got to tell all her teachers and friends about her little sister. She is super excited! We stopped by Publix to get pink balloons to tell my folks. EVERYONE in publix knew I was having a baby girl :) AH now leaves food on her plate, "for my baby sister" and saves seats "for her baby sister" and it just about makes me cry every night when she prays for her little sister. We're excited and Yes, I'm already trying to find small sizes for the new baby that will match big sister! You know i'll be matchy matchy!

G is so funny talking about another girl. When they told us he said, "Lady, you just saved me lots of money...everything we own is pink" (i think he's forgetting about weddings and jr. high) He's already trying to decide how many bags he going to allow everyone to take on trips. He's getting really good at playing princess and dealing with girl drama :) He really is a super father for a girl! Today, he said, I guess I really am going to learn how to work those pony tail holder things!

No name decisions yet, it takes us forever with girl names! We have several we like, but have made no commitments yet.

I'm way behind on blogging...i'll try and catch up!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's a GIRL!

Everything looked great at the doctor and we're expecting another GIRL!
More details later, but we've had a super busy week and I can't write much now!
Thanks for all your prayers!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mitigation Bank

Sorry this will be boring for most readers...family will love this and make you miss home...its all new since you've left I think! We took lots of pictures of the mitigation bank flooding with this last big rain. It did exactly like it was designed to do! YEAH! (I'm loading the pictures small, so you can click on to see larger)

-on the right, after you cross the bridge
-pine tree area before rattlesnake alley
big time flooded, but we decided would be great, if we had a 4 wheeler!

-quail course, G just gets giddy when this gets ready :)

-blue tube trees...these were planted before AH was born!

flooding by new project -mill field

-for alice, the gator spotting area finally getting more water

- new mitigation project, it looked really pretty before the rain...but not so hot now...but it did GREAT (i think, but we'll wait on dad for final analysis)

-the photographer and his helper :)

War Eagle

This weekend G and I went to the Auburn opening game! (thanks for babysitting Ding) We had a blast, but were not as excited as we hoped with the new hype of the offense. I'm sure it'll get better as the season goes on!
On our way home Friday, we stopped by the Raptor Center for one of their events in Auburn.
I highly recommend it! They got out tons of birds and we even got to see Nova the eagle fly. The program is designed for you to see the birds and learn about all types "birds of prey". I wont bore you with all the facts I know...but it was great!
They will be doing a program every Friday on home games! It was $5 per person. AH got in free and LOVED it! Here are some pictures!