Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Graduation

Happy Graduation A! Here are some pictures of A's graduation from High School. She was the baby...so no more of these for my parents. I thought mom would cry the whole time, but she was great and just so excited this hard part of parenting is over. All her kids have made it through some of toughest years. When she was talking about how she was closing this chapter of life. I just couldn't help but think how FAR away this seems for me and my little one! I know, everyone says it goes by fast, so we'll see.At our High School, its a tradition to wear a white dress at graduation, well at least the girls. My mom likes to make this is special project to work on throughout the year. We each help design and make our dress. I didn't wear my dress after I graduated...ever! It's WAY out of date now. I LOVE alice's much better than mine or other sister. I hope she'll wear it again somewhere! I love the tradition....i hope my little one can wear it when she graduates b/c I can't sew anything like that yet!

AH was happy that they matched....wasn't planned. It was the only thing ironed in her closet.

a-love with mom and dad

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May is always crazy

Sorry for no updates. May just always seems busy! We have been traveling alot, but its the good kind of travel this weekend, where you get to relax! One of our favorite places to go is the lake! It forces you to do nothing but fun and relax! We played on Mother's Day at the lake. G and I both have great moms! and I love being a mom...so we have lots to celebrate! Mother's day is just hard...my mom is a mother, and she has a mother, G's mom is a mother and has a mother too and he has to think about me as the mother of his children. So, its just a busy holiday. I think we need to have mother's week instead of mother's day, so we have time to celebrate different people. AND, when you live in a different city as BOTH your moms...It's just too hard. All Holidays are the tough for us. We make people upset all the time. I hate growing up to deal with stuff like this :)

This is A-Love's new friend

I'm sorry a. er...ding ding made me do this...yea, thats right!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Baby O

Remember baby O?? AH bit him last time we played. Happy to report there was no biting and many fun times of throwing sand and playing. He's just so cute, I could eat him up!
Never could get them to look at me. There's "spot" He goes everywhere with us not, but AH will not let him sleep in her room. We're already bugging daddy about getting a real dog b/c we've had no luck capturing our neighborhood cat. Right now, "Spot" will have to do :)

right before a big splash

new pictures

We were ready for church a little early and got some cute pictures.

We wake up...mom slowly makes breakfast while AH watches some TV. She pulled this chair in front of the TV and wrapped this baby up..this is how I found her one morning! She's really into babies now. Sadly, this baby doesn't mind very well and gets lots of spankings and has to go to its room alot. AH is one tough mommy. All babies in our world are named "Mary Marfa"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

St. Simons Island, GA

G had a work trip in St. Simons....and I got to go..just me...without a child! Whoo Hoo
We tried our best to relax and enjoy our short time away! We did all the normal tourist stuff and ate seafood as much as possible! Here's some pics of our trip.

Christchurch. John and Charles Wesley preached there Fort Fredrica

Wesley Memorial

our best attempt at a picture. We got some teeny-boper to take our picture..they were all dressed up for prom...we took shadow pictures of them for like 10 minutes. weird...who knew people liked those.
Jekyll Island Sea Turtle thing was Totally Cool! Great program...I'm SO ready to adopt a turtle. Turtles that have been treated and released have a tracking devise on them. You can keep up with where they go!

Alice's Birthday

Alice is the youngest of 4 children and the only girl!
We have totally enjoyed hanging out with her while we're in GA.
To celebrate Alice's birthday, we celebrated like any girly girl would love.
We had manicures, pedicures and Starbucks!
The place was called Nail Luv! The lady thought alice was so cute so added nail art for free to all her nails. Alice thought it was the coolest thing ever!