Friday, July 10, 2009

cow appreciation day

its should go if you have a chick.fil.a near you!
Free food for anyone dressed in cow attire.

summer project

above. BEFORE
below. AFTER
This is our summer project. Long story short, there was a crack across our patio that was leaking into our foundation. We needed to fix it...we could patch it or totally change the look of the whole thing for the same amount of $$.

well, its almost done...I would like to stain the concrete myself but I have to wait about 2 more weeks and the electrician needs to do wiring for fans and fix some lighting things.

We're on the lookout for a good deal on 2 love seats or sofa and some good chairs. I'm so not opposed to picking up something off the road and giving it a facelift with paint. Let me know if you see any outdoor furniture on the curb or know someone who is ready to upgrade and getting rid of some. I'm hoping everything starts to go on major sale soon...

G has projects planned for like the next 10 years..He's so exicted about adding sound systems, tvs, kitchens, misters, fireplaces. ..endless possibilities

the salesmen was telling me what he thought would look good and he kept saying his goal was to give my concrete sex appeal....I couldn't stop laughing.... So, Yep. I have sexy concrete now!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of july

cutie flag she made at traveled with us to the lake to celebrate the 4th


must have a flag cake...

and love the boat parade every year...but we haven't jumped into participating yet

attempted ribs for the first time and they were awesome!
and swimming at "glitter beach" AH's own personal heaven, where the water looks like it has glitter in it...I'm sure i should be worried...its probably polluted or something
trying to keep this cute bald head covered all the time
and just relaxing

awesome holiday