Sunday, January 20, 2008

Guns and Ammo

Buzz and G playing with guns

Alabama Snow!

We headed to the farm house for a relaxing and snow-filled weekend. It only snowed for about 2 hours...but it was enough for a little fun! Here are some pics from when it first started to snow.
AH trying to taste the snow

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm SO Sorry!

Dear Ethan's mom,
Please let me apologize and beg your forgiveness for my daughter biting your child!
The teacher says, she bit hard enough to break the skin- I'm SO sorry!
We are VERY aware of the situation and wanted to let you know we're trying to make her stop.
Hopefully the hundreds of books we bought off amazon today will help us handle this issue.
Sorry again!

Yep, it happened again. The spankin'spoon fits nicely inside her backpack so we were ready. Mom had a great day shopping so I was ready to handle
the situation with much tact and control :)
I've read alot on this subject of big factors is toddlers just don't realize how much it hurts...(if they haven't been bitten themselves yet)...lots of books suggested a small little bite on the finger to show your child what hurt is. I tried that too! No ugly email about that....I was in complete control...its okay!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wedding and New Years

Texas/Mexican themed after-rehearsal party
these are some of my cousins Bibb and Amy's wedding was on New Years Eve. We rung in the new year at the wedding. Complete with surprise fireworks as the bride and groom left. It was awesome!

after rehersal party- its a Mexican tradition to have a pinata' the looks like the bride

Bibb and Amy

its sad, but this was our best family picture

Wedding Weekend in FL

The weather was incredible in Crystal Rivers , FL!

We went to see the Mermaids at Weeki Wacki. AH loves Mermaids!

Friday, January 4, 2008

AH dancing "Soulja boi"