Thursday, August 27, 2009


Our little family is even...3 girls. 3 boys. The above picture are the girls getting ready to meet the new boys moving into the yard. Sweet AH stayed in that chair all afternoon, but has finally started to relax and play with the dogs.
We have decided to adopt 2 german short hair pointers. They were my brothers but he gave them up when he moved overseas. Jack and Dip can already SIT, STAY, FETCH and they only use the restroom in my flowerbeds (not in the grass or on walk ways) This started as a one month trail thing...but I'm pretty sure we're all loving life together after only a few days.
the girls

the boys

Jack and Dip
I'm not a fan of their names, but I'm pretty sure its too late to change them!

....this is the only hiccup in the whole deal.
Baby Catherine goes straight for their tongues. NASTY! Like whole hand in the mouth kinda thing. I guess it good that they don't seem to mind...but still...YUCK!

a few new pictures

Thank you friend! Your pics are always such a sweet treasure to me!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

its naptime

Sorry to update THE LATEST THING so much today.
I like to blog during naptime and there are many more things that need to be completed while my little ones rest...I don't plan my posts ahead of time..I just sit down and write what pops into my head.
Thats why my posts aren't brilliantly worded and the grammar and spelling is horrible.
It's either what you get now or time for editing :)
This has been the easiest way to stay a little connected with friends and family out of town. Lately alot of my friends are going private with their who knows how long I'll keep this up.

AH. She really is a sweet sister. Her favorite thing to do these days is to feed Baby C. She prefers to change clothing about 15 times a day and thank goodness taget sells bathsuits cheap becuase thats what she wears all days long. No, we don't have a pool...thats just what she likes!

CC. She's in her 6th month of life and is getting really fun too :) 2 teeth. just starting sitting up alone. loves carrots and watermelon best. putting everything in her mouth. recently road the merry go round. Big sister still prefers the stationary horse...CC hung on tight to one that went up and down.

You should be totally updated on us now! We're all still loving summer but are excited about football and being on a schedule again this fall :)


I love my little girls and am really surprised at how much fun I actually have with them!
Growing up I had always wanted boys. I was fine with ALL boys. Girls are alot of drama, princess and pink. Boys would be so much more fun AND easier for me. I just thought I would do better job being a mom to boys. Now, I have not the first clue what I would do if a baby boy joined our family. I'm pretty sure it would scare me and all plans out the window if that ever happens.

G saw us with boys too! When we bought our house, the backyard was a selling point for him. It made the perfect football field during the day AND night. It has great lights! And G loving Baseball imagined where the bases would be. Recently, he gave up his dream and put cement on 3rd base. :) He jokes about the day he discovered his girls wouldn't be playing football, but having tea parties. He built us a porch, with good fans, with plans for a playhouse.
He LOVES his girls too and knows for sure he will be taken care of for the rest of his life. He gets embarrassed when the girls make him sing the boys parts to their songs...but he tries! He's slowly learning all the disney princess characters. I think God knew he needed little girls who ADORE him just for loving on them.

So very thankful God has given me 2 girls. I'm sure he laughed when he made their little personalities and gave them to US to raise...because they are ALL GIRL. AH will cry in Dora at the little panda getting hurt. Every Disney movie ends in happy tears. Seriously, It would crack you up to see it! And the screams that come out of her when she spies a lizard...whoa!

tea set that changes colors with cold water..HA! Love it! We've all had alot of "tea" lately!

3rd base...all covered up now :)

Boys Trip

These guys have been friends for a long time and decided to take a fun guys trip. Rafting trip in West V. was scheduled but other than was all free game! So thankful for the fun stories and a safe return home :)
stopped at bristol and got in the infield to watch cars race

UT stadium not ready yet