Monday, April 5, 2010


Catherine loved the whole Easter Egg thing...she can HUNT some eggs!
this one loves the a party atmosphere ANYTIME...and her favorite time of the year is "Jesus being killed and rising in the sky"
i say, "sheez" for "say cheese" when someone takes my picture and am obsessed with Easter grass. Mom will be cleaning up Green Grass for months.
love the dresses Say Say made

check out that eye happy girl with her pony
eating every jellybean she can find..easter morning...our bunny delivers on sat.

AH woke US up at 7. I walked out to see she had already hunted and opened ALL eggs and emptied everyones basket. Told us it was so dark outside she had to turn the light on to find the eggs...i have no idea what time she was up :) We'll have to talk about that next year.
Bunny brought a fun horse and pink LIGHT UP boots for the girls.
They were worn to school today. :)


Angie Davis said...

so fun! we decided that we are going to share your easter bunny next year - a saturday visit sounds perfect!

going to email you soon about a visit!

Oliver and Pamela said...

how fun!!! i love that AH hunted the eggs b4 ya'll were up...what a kid :) you all look beautiful!